Company Background

G.L. Tiley & Associates Ltd. was incorporated in 1972 to provide engineering services related to mine hoisting systems, rotating machinery, and controls for industrials drive systems. In keeping with this background, we have developed expertise in headframe, hoist room, and shaft guide system design, as well as custom hoist control systems, incorporating modern PLC-based controls and computer based HMI graphical operator interface systems.


Our company has provided these services to the majority of mining and mining consultant companies throughout Canada, and to many companies in the USA, South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. To date we have done work for over 100 clients and have completed over 4300 projects.

Staff Members

At present, the permanent staff comprises 16 registered Professional or Consulting Engineers, with a support staff that includes certified engineering technologists and engineers-in-training. Additional staff are employed on a temporary or project basis, as needed. The combined professional experience is well over two hundred years, and the senior staff's average experience with the company is over fifteen years.

Our Location

The company office is located in the Golden Horseshoe area, near the town of Waterdown, just west of Hamilton, Ontario - and is conveniently close to Toronto.
The address and map to the company can be found in our Contact Us page.

Services Offered

The three departments of our company - Electrical, Mechanical, and Structural -, working in conjunction with fabricators and suppliers, as well as the production, maintenance, and engineering staff of our clients offer a range of services as described in the links above.

G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. has served clients in many countries and our engineers are certified in the Province of Ontario as well as other Canadian provinces, such as Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. Certificati on in other jurisdictions is obtained for each specific project.

G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. has held a Certificate of Authorization (for the Province of Ontario) since 1972. We have been a member of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada and of the Consulting Engineers of Ontario since 1976.

Project Administration

The project administration service involved in our projects includes, first of all, an evaluation of manufacturer's proposals, and review of their drawings. Furthermore, we conduct in-plant and on-site inspections and evaluations, handle project co-ordination, provide supervision of dismantling, moving and installation of equipment.

We also perform commissioning and acceptance tests, create instruction manuals as well as training manuals.

Our Amazing Team

The following is a list of our management members along with a brief description of their duties.

Dan Della Ventura, P.Eng. (ON,BC,NS,SK)


Dipl.T (Mohawk College, 1987)
B.Sc. (University of Waterloo, 1994)
Designated Consulting Engineer (ON, SK)

G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. staff since 1987

  • • Electrical design and specification
  • • Equipment inspection and commissioning
  • • Project managment and coordination
  • • Hoisting plant audits and certifications

C.Y. Thomas Li, P.Eng (ON,NS,SK)

Chairman, Board of Directors

B.Eng. (Concordia, 1980)
M.Eng. (McMaster University, 1984)
Designated Consulting Engineer (ON, SK)

G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. staff since 1991

  • • Noise and vibration investigation and analysis
  • • Hoist design, modification, and commissioning
  • • Vibration testing and finite element analysis
  • • Gas and steam turbine component design
  • • Research in machine tool dynamics
  • • Mechanical system troubleshooting

Pierre Shields, P.Eng., A.Sc.T.

Vice President, General Manager & Projects Administrator

B.Sc. (Civil Engineering - University of the West Indies, Trinidad, 1993)

G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. staff since 2003

  • • Underground & Structural headframe designs
  • • Shaft & hoist building, machinery foundations
  • • Loading pocket & material handling systems
  • • Engineering, shop detail drawing and reviews
  • • Quantity take-offs, BOM preparations
  • • Sinking Galloway, work deck converyance design
  • • Specifications and capital cost estimates

Richard Zandstra, P.Eng.

vice President, Structural Engineering Supervisor

B.Eng. (McMaster University, 1994)

G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. staff since 1996

  • • Headframe and hoist building layout and design
  • • Hydraulic dump systems
  • • Shaft steel design and analysis
  • • Loading pockets and material handling systems
  • • Specifications and capital cost estimates

Sherif Hassan, P.Eng.

Mechanical Engineering SUPERVISOR

B.Sc. (Cairo, 1979)
M.A.Sc.(University of Waterloo, 1998)
G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. staff since 1996

  • • Research in Vibration Analysis
  • • Hydraulic, pneumatic, and braking systems
  • • Hoist design, modicfication, and commissioning
  • • Vibration testing and analysis
  • • Mechanical system troubleshooting

Vince Lenarduzzi, P.Eng

Electrical Engineering Supervisor

B.A.Sc.(University of Waterloo, 2002)

G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. staff since 2003

  • • Electrical design and specification
  • • PLC system design and commissioning
  • • HMI and interface design and commissioning
  • • Specifications and industrial networking

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