G.L. Tiley & Associates Ltd. will handle all elements of electrical design in the hoist control system.

Building Services amd Power Distribution
Our electrical engineering expertise extends beyond the realm of control systems and hoist drives – G.L.Tiley &; Associates Ltd. can provide the full electrical design for mining applications. This includes power distribution and substation design, MCC layout and cable sizing, building services, lighting, grounding, and lightning protection.  With the assistance of other experts, we can provide measurement and analysis of power systems, providing a full study of existing and proposed loads, and recommendations for modernization and increases in capacity, as well as power factor correction for DC drive systems.

Digital Hoist Supervisor (DHS) Hoist Overtravel and Overspeed Protection System
The advent of PLC controls in mine hoisting resulted in the development of the Digital Hoist Supervisor, or DHS, a modernization of the classic mechanical Lilly controller. A system of redundant PLCs and position encoders provides overspeed and overtravel protection for all positions in the shaft, for all types of hoists. The Tiley DHS is also self-monitoring and provides more operational data (through an HMI interface) to the operator for troubleshooting of faults. The DHS may be integrated with a new Tiley hoist control system, or as a stand-alone retrofit to an existing hoist control system. Regulatory approved since 1996 in Ontario, the DHS has been installed in Canada, the USA, Venezuela, Peru, Spain, and Brazil.

HMI User Interface
Hand-in-hand with our pioneering use of PLC controls, G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. was an early adherent to using PC-based HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) systems for mine hoist controls, providing detailed, real-time hoist and drive data to the hoist operator, as well as historical logging of faults and hoist performance. We are also using small touch-screen HMI displays in exposed locations, where practical.

Multi-Level Service Hoist Automation
Multi-level service hoists (and combined function service/production hoists) are another of G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. hallmark product. Shaft-station control provides for hoisting systems from two to twenty levels, or more, including multi-deck cages and specialized functions such as automatic chairing or control from inside the cage. A variety of control options are available and the final custom design will meet the specific needs of any client, including safety, ease of use, and regulatory compliance.

PLC-Based Brake Regulator
A regulated, redundant PLC-based brake regulator system can be integrated with a Tiley PLC-based hoist control system, or set up as a stand-alone system on all types of brake systems. Duplicate PLCs and sensors provide repeatable emergency brake control to a target deceleration rate, regardless of hoist configuration, speed, direction, or payload. This feature can be retrofitted to existing brake systems, as well as new brake controls.

PLC Systems
Since their acceptance in mining, G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. has been a pioneer in the use of PLC control systems for mine hoist applications, providing advanced control for manual, shaft-sinking, and automated operation of both production and service hoists, loading pocket and material handling systems.  Troubleshooting and reliability are far beyond the alternatives, and the use of readily available off-the-shelf PLC components ensures a long product life.  At present, we are using both Modicon and Rockwell PLC systems to provide the highest levels of functionality and control sophistication.

Production Hoist Automation
Automated production hoists, with an optimized duty cycle, provide the highest levels of tonnage with consistent, reliable operation. We are able to interface with loading pocket controls designed in house, or by others. Data logging of production statistics is also available.

Specifications and Material Estimates
G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. will prepare full specifications for each project, allowing for easy compilation of recommended spare parts. Material estimates for installations can be provided to installers for quicker and more accurate estimates of construction.