Electrical Panel Design and Inspection:
Our engineers provide full and complete designs of all electrical panels, with construction by trusted and experienced local constructors.  This facilitates immediate and continuing communication with the builder, with full inspection and shop-testing prior to shipping, ensuring zero defects in delivered products.

Provide Schematics and Interconnection Diagrams:
All hoist installations will have complete electrical schematics, interconnection diagrams, and cable schedules, all in an easy-to-read standard format. Multiple hoist installations at the same site will be as similar as possible, ensuring maximum symmetry and ease of familiarization. As-built and updated schematics are provided in Adobe PDF format, which facilitates viewing and printing by any computer user. (Other formats are available by mutual agreement between the client and G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd.) Our standard schematics usually result in 100% error-free installation, even when the installers native language is not English.

Provide Site Support:
As Consulting Engineers, we have supervised hundreds of electrical installations. G.L. Tiley & Associates Ltd. engineers are well versed in providing site support during the installation of hoist control systems, including pre-commissioning checks and technical advice to installers and permanent mine staff, ensuring a smooth transition from construction to ownership and operation.

Commission Complete Hoist Control System:
Commissioning by our veteran engineering staff ensures that our designs work as intended, and specific custom modifications are addressed as necessary. New installation or retrofit, production or service hoist, shaft-sinking or normal operation, we have the experience of hundreds of hoists behind us. Our senior staff is committed, focused, and thoroughly familiar with the organizational and troubleshooting techniques necessary for successful commissioning.

During or after the completion of any project, G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. can provide on-site training for hoist operators and maintenance personnel (both electrical and mechanical), including classroom sessions on controls and theory of operation, and hands-on demonstration of inspection and maintenance procedures. Full manuals with component data sheets, maintenance schedules, and complete hoist operator instructions (including HMI control systems) can be prepared and used specifically in these training sessions.