G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. maintains an assortment of test and measurement equipment - from digital recorders and transducers to a portable tri-axis decelerometer. These items are available for rent on a weekly or monthly basis as needed by our staff while in the field.

Inspect and Test AC and DC Machines
G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. has over 40 years of expertise with rotating machines of all types and sizes, and can perform in-situ inspection and testing, or facilitate shop testing of AC and DC motors and generators. Furthermore, we can provide supervision of repair and refurbishing, regardless of location.

Test and Verify Hoist Safety Circuits
Our engineers can perform testing and analysis of existing hoist control systems, for safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance, especially for facilities in the process of re-opening or modernizing. These tests can be performed quickly, safely, and with minimal disruption to normal hoist operation.

Test Hoist Control Performance
As with the testing and verification of existing hoist control systems, the engineers at G.L.Tiley Associates Ltd. can test the performance of hoist control systems, analyze and optimize hoist duty cycles and provide recommendations on modernization based upon existing capability and future production targets.