G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. Mechanical Engineering department has extensive expertise in the analysis and design of hoist mechanical components. Two such methods are:

Vibration Analyses & Testing:
Our skilled personnel, combined with both commercially available and in-house developed equipment, offers the following advantages:

  • •Increase hoisting speed by outlining and correcting root causes of high vibration
  • •Reduce required maintenance through predictive maintenance
  • •Reduce downtime by assessing condition of equipment components during normal operation cycles
  • •Increase productivity through skip loading and dumping cycles.

Finite Element Analyses & Simulations:

With our specialty in mine hoisting systems, one of our core strengths is finite element analysis and simulations of dynamic systems.

Our Finite Element Analysis Work has:

  • •demonstrated what loading conditions exist, whereby we have been able to quickly determine the most efficient and cost effective method of repair
  • •enabled us to calculate deflections in multi-bodied structures both within and outside design limitations

Our Simulations have served to:

  • •demonstrate and approve heavy lifts, over and above existing equipment's rated capabilities
  • •outline deficiencies in existing equipment and design improvements
  • •outline cage motion studies and simulate skip loading and unloading, reducing cycle times.