G.L. Tiley & Associates Ltd. will prepare specifications and designs based upon client requirements and standards, as well as all applicable safety and regulatory standards - including the mining regulations specific to the client locale.

Specifications and Sizing of Components
With our skilled mechanical personnel, we can supply specifications to be able to send out to vendors, outlining performance, shop, documentation and quality requirements, combined with any certifications and testing which are applicable.
At the same time, we can evaluate quotations and will work with our clients to ensure all their requirements are met.

New Hoisting Systems
Throughout our company history, new hoist design has been a cornerstone of our expertise.
We have designed complete hoisting systems, from a 24" single drum winder to complete 16' double drum hoists and some of the largest Koepe hoists in operation.
Our expertise on Blair hoists is one of our specialties: the first Blair hoist in North America was a Tiley design.

Services include:

  • •complete performance specifications
  • •construction drawings
  • •procurement
  • •quality control and inspections
  • •installation supervision
  • •commissioning
  • •training of personnel

Whether your need is a small mobile emergency hoist or a completely automated production hoist, we have a design aligned with your needs.

With our specialty in mine hoisting systems, one of our core strengths is finite element analysis and simulations of dynamic systems.

Our Finite Element Analysis Work has:

  • •demonstrated what loading conditions exist, whereby we have been able to quickly determine the most efficient and cost effective method of repair
  • •enabled us to calculate deflections in multi-bodied structures both within and outside design limitations

Our Simulations have served to:

  • •demonstrate and approve heavy lifts, over and above existing equipment's rated capabilities
  • •outline deficiencies in existing equipment and design improvements
  • •outline cage motion studies and simulate skip loading and unloading, reducing cycle times.