G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. structural department can be involved with inspection and damage investigations.

Inspections of Existing Headframes, Shafts, Loading Pockets, Guides, Material Handling Systems

  • •Existing headframes are inspected for corrosion levels, missing or modified structural elements and certified
  • •Loading pockets are inspected for overall condition and wear
  • •Guides are visually inspected, misalignment is measured and wear is evaluated
  • •Dumps, chutes, bins and conveyors are inspected for condition and wear

Crash Investigations

  • •Structures are inspected on short notice after overtravel or other crashes occur
  • •Damage is evaluated
  • •Structural repairs are identified if required

Reinforcing/Upgrading Recommendations for Higher Loadings

  • •Hoisting plants are evaluated for ultimate capacities
  • •Hoisting plants are inspected for deficiencies and repaired
  • •Member reinforcement or additions are designed to reduce high stressed members
  • •Headframes are re-rated for increased production rates and loadings